"Logo of SpongeHammer: A Video Game Studio Specializing in Educational Kids Games

Mindful gaming for a better world.

We want to create games that help people learn,
grow and connect with each other: games that make the
world a better place.

       WHO WE ARE

As a small independent game studio, we are dedicated to creating games that embody wholesome values. Games have the power to make the world a better place, and our mission is to leverage that power to inspire, uplift, and relax players. Our games are thoughtfully designed to promote learning, empathy, and connection.  At the heart of our studio is a team of passionate individuals who are committed to making a difference through their craft. Together, we’re working hard to bring our vision of a happier, more connected world to life, one game at a time.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning and fun! 

Our Releases




Big adventures for little people. Play. Explore. Create. Coming soon to Android and iOS.


Filled with endless fun and captivating experiences, our engaging stories spark the creativity of little explorers, inviting them to embark on imaginative adventures with endless possibilities.


Completely free of in-app purchase and advertisements, Flatstone Grove provides a secure environment, allowing children to explore and relax without any distractions or unwanted interruptions.


We tell bedtime stories children can relate to, exploring the world through the eyes of the cute & curious Marci 🐝 – as he plays & learns in the Grove!


Our dedication to accessibility means that every child can enjoy our games to the fullest, and we believe that games should be calm, cute, and devoid of any sudden or flashing effects that may cause distress


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The Team That Makes It All Happen