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Alex Childs Voice Actress
Alex Childs voice actress

We are excited to announce that Alex Childs is joining Flatstone Grove. The famous British actress appeared in many TV series and has been a voice for many characters in shows and games.

Alex loves nature. She likes to spend most of her spare time pottering in her garden or exploring woodlands in the Sussex countryside. When she’s not talking to the flowers or trees, her favourite thing to do is to hunt for sea glass on the beaches near her home. If it’s not too cold, she might just take a dip too!

She hopes you enjoy the stories of Marci and Flatstone Grove as much as she enjoys telling them.

Flatstone Grove is an interactive storybook app for children between three and six years, running on Android and iOS devices. Our stories are designed to teach children core values such as bravery, love, and kindness. The app is free of in-app purchases and ads, and the content is suitable for small children.