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Every week, we share an interesting fact from the natural world on our social media. These are the things that we tell our children, too. We collected last month’s ‘Did you know?’ and ‘Bee facts’ posts for you, so you can share these with your little one.

There is an animal that can live forever.

The immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii) is a small jellyfish it can revert back to a colonial stage once it became sexually mature. If they get exposed to stress, assault or sickness, they revert back to the polyp stage. This means in theory, it can never die.

Immortal Jellyfish – Flatstone Grove

Bees breathe without lungs or nostrils.

They have holes around their body – called spiracles. When you see the bees’ abdomen moving, that is actually breathing. When they fly, they need more oxygen, so their muscles move more air through their bodies by expanding these holes.

Owls cannot move their eyes.

Their eyes aren’t spheres – like ours -, they are tube-shaped and immobile. Instead of moving them, they can rotate their heads around.
They are brilliant predators. Their long-range vision is paired with excellent hearing. They can hear the heartbeat of a mouse from several meters.

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