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Every week, we share an interesting fact from the natural world on our social media. These are the things that we tell our children, too. We collected last month’s ‘Did you know?’ and ‘Bee facts’ posts for you, so you can share these with your little one.

Strawberries are the only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside.

Strawberries are the only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside. An average strawberry has around 200 seeds.
This is why they get stuck in our teeth after a bite.


Snails can sleep for up to 3 years.

Snails need moisture. If the weather is too hot or dry, they can sleep for a very long time. It is very similar to bears’ winter sleep. When the climate is changing back to more wet, they wake up and carry on as usual.

Snails can sleep for years
Snails can sleep for years

Bees have two pairs of wings.

Bees have two sets of wings, one larger outer set and one smaller, inner set. When bees aren’t flying, they can unhook the set of pairs and fold them away. This way, the bees can fly faster and further.

4 wings bee
Bees have 4 wings

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