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Plastic free july. disposable plastic bag suffocating plant earth. flatstone grove.
Plastic Free July

Single-use plastic is a major environmental issue in today’s world. Wherever we look, nearly everything is wrapped, sealed, bottled, double-wrapped – often when it isn’t even necessary (just think of all the fruit and veg that grows its own “wrap”). These plastic coverings are of use for only a very brief amount of time, but once they’ve served their purpose will take lifetimes to disappear from the planet.

Companies market their packaging as using recycled material or being recyclable, but the hard truth is that we cannot recycle our way out of the mountains of plastic produced and disposed of every day – especially when many local councils don’t have the capacity to actually recycle what is put in the blue bin, leading to a lot of recyclable waste being shipped abroad to be burnt: Channel 4’s Dispatches took a closer look at waste disposal (the programme aired in spring 2021), revealing Warwickshire, county of Sponge Hammer Games’ headquarters, as sending as much as 38% of our recycling to the incinerator!

close up photo of plastic bottle
Photo by Catherine Sheila on Pexels.com

But if recycling isn’t all it is made out to be, how can we ensure our individual rubbish footprint becomes smaller? We at Sponge Hammer Games are committed to looking after our planet and we promote treating the environment respectfully in our games through Flatstone Grove. So, this Plastic-Free July, we’re focusing on the many options to reduce single-use plastics in our everyday lives, from brushing our teeth to enjoying a snack on a summer trip out.

Watch this space!